Our Leadership Team



Material: All classes will need Chromebook or laptop and email account.

Preschool 3 & 4 All subjects:  Our Preschool focus on their fine motor skills, letters, numbers, and colors with lots of hands on activities and playtime too.

Kindergarten All subjects:

Our Kindergarteners focus on their fine motor skills, letters,  reading, with lots of hands on activities and playtime too.


Online Learning

LPA has parentered with edgenutiy for our online learning. Students will take all NCAA Certified classes through EDGENUITY. LPA will presonalize learning. Athletes are programmed into coursework based on their Personalized Learning Plans that track to high school graduation at the end of their senior year. 

  • 4:1 or 1:1 academic support and content specific tutoring

  • Responsive to athlete self-directed pacing and learning goals

  • In person instruction support is tailored weekly to help them reach their learning goals


The purpose of our LPA Skillz is to prepare the next generation of elite athletes for a career in professional basketball. Our goal is to ensure that our athletes leave LPA with the tools and skills needed to lead meaningful and sustained careers in professional basketball as well as the ability to create a pathway forward after their time as professional athletes.

  • Financial Literacy

  • Social Media/Media Training/Branding

  • Mental Health and Wellness

LPA skillz classes will be integrated into the weekly academic time and will be facilitated. 

College Credit

Student will also have the option, if already graduated and qualified per the NCAA Clearninghouse, the opportunity to take courses at TCC or DCC.


LPA Approach

In addition to our academic and athletic programming, each LPA student will leave our academy with their very own business; whether it be a Non-Profit, LLC or Incorporation. Entrepreneurship is at the epicenter of LPA and its culture.