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Our Mission

Legion Preparatory Academy, our philosophy of education centers around one central mission statement: LPA partners with parents to provide a college preparatory education where students are allowed to further develop their natural talents. At Legion Preparatory Academy, our mission is to encourage students to engage in a nontraditional quality education by emphasizing academics, athletics, and arts. Our focus is to develop the whole student academically, mentally, socially, and physically.

  • Special Interest Program (SIP)
  • Full-time Academic Coordinator aiding students to access academic resources to balance their demanding schedules.
  • Sport performance training throughout the day.
  • Support from on-site health services staff including sport therapy and sport nutrition.
  • Our student-athletes receive more than just high-performance training, they receive a complete package.
  • Small classes 12 to 1 student teacher ratio.
  • Successful athletes developing mentally as well as physical discipline.

Pourpose and Passion Model

  • The PP-Model® … a unique and exciting approach to education!
  • Imagine elementary students attending classes that prep them for real world!
  • What kind of advantages for college or real world experience would students gain?
  • Would the behavior, character, worldview, and performance of these students improve, if parents were given more time each week to invest themselves in the academic, moral and spiritual education of their children?
  • Would family relationships, both present and future, be strengthened with such an approach?
  • And what if all these benefits could be achieved for one-half to two-thirds the cost of a typical, private Christian school?
  • Could such a model work?
  • Yes!
  • It is working right now!
  • It is called the PP-Model®.



Legion Preparatory Academy ("LPA") is accredited by National Association of Private Schools (NAPS)

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