L.P.A. Policies and Guidelines.

  • LPA Families and Teachers should “read and heed” all of the policies and guidelines in order to maximize the benefit of classes for all students. Parents attest that all students have been informed of these policies and guidelines.

  • These policies apply to all LPA sponsored functions on or off campus. LPA campus consists of all space inside/outside of the buildings and parking lots. Building and equipment consists of all LPA and host facility property.

  • Implementation and interpretation of all policies and guidelines is at the discretion of the Board. Please contact the Director for clarification or if you have additional questions.

Dress Code for Adults and Students

  1. Students must wear a mandatory Legion Prep Top

  2. Dress and groom oneself respect. Guideline: Modesty

  3. No clothing that is revealing, see-through, or skin tight on top, middle, or bottom.

    • Leggings may be worn when covered with a top that is no shorter than mid-thigh.

    • Shorts, skirts, and dress hemlines should be no shorter than mid-thigh.

    • All clothing must cover undergarments.  No spaghetti strap tank tops.

  4. Dress in a way that is appropriate for the type of class attending (ie appropriate athletic attire and shoes for PE classes).

  5. No clothing with inappropriate, illegal, or immoral designs.

  6. Dress code violations will result in a student being asked to change or leave LPA premises until he/she is dresses appropriately.

  7. Your issued nametag is required. If you lose your nametag, you will have to pay $2 to replace it.

General Behavior

  1. Students are expected to act in a respectful and polite manner to adults and fellow students. For example: no talking over others, especially the teacher; raise your hand to be called upon; stay seated in your chair; say “Yes, ma’am/sir”,  “Thank you”, “Mr./Ms. ____”, etc

  2. Bullying behavior (whether physical, emotional, or verbal, including social media, text, etc.), and promotion of behavior contrary to any portion of our Statement of Faith, will not be tolerated.

  3. Any controlled-substances found on LPA premises will be confiscated and, if illegal, turned over to the Ft Worth Police with appropriate names and information regarding the confiscation.

  4. No smoking or e-cigarettes on the LPA premises, including in vehicles. If found, the cigarettes or entire unit may be confiscated and disposed of without repayment or return.

  5. No weapons, including pocket knives, allowed at LPA.

  6. No public displays of affection at LPA, including hand-holding, kissing, embracing and/or other physical fraternization.

  7. No rough housing, running or talking loudly.

  8. Students are to be in designated areas only and may not loiter in the bathroom. If found in a restricted area they will be given a discipline notice.

  9. LPA does not comply with the Directive from the Federal government in regards to transgender bathroom use. Students and parents are required to use the bathroom facility that corresponds to their gender on their birth certificate

  10. No gum is allowed at LPA.

  11. Students may not bring food or drinks to class other than a water bottle.

  12. No electronics, including cell phones, may be in use in the classroom except those brought or authorized by teachers. All unauthorized or disruptive devices may be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.

  13. Your belongings are your responsibility. Items left at LPA will be placed in LPA’s Lost and Found box. All unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each semester.

Illness and Medical Issues

  1. Please do not bring/send your children who have had fever, vomiting, or diarrhea within the last 24 hours.

  2. Please do not bring/send your children who have a cloudy, runny nose or a consistent cough.

  3. Any accidents should be reported to the Administration immediately. Parents must be notified.

  4. Adults only will deal with bodily fluids/blood and gloves must be worn.

  5. All open wounds must be covered before the student may return to class.

If you have a child with a medical condition or food allergies/restrictions of which LPA should be made aware, please indicate that on the Medical Release/ Liability form and inform teachers. LPA and its families do not claim medical expertise, but will administer reasonable regular care when possible. No medicine will be administered without consent.

Building and Equipment Policies

  1. Treat the facility with respect. For example, keep bathrooms neat and avoid tracking mud into the building.

  2. All area are off limits, except under a teacher’s direct supervision.

  3. Do not sit on tables or desks.

Discipline Policy

Discipline notices are reserved for blatant or repeat disobedience and disrespect toward an adult or for physical harm to another student. Warnings may or may not be given before issuing a discipline notice for these offenses. Discipline notices may be submitted by any adult member of LPA during any LPA function, including regular or extra class days, programs, or field trips.

  1. First offense: Verbal warning. Teachers/adults are encouraged to verbally inform the parent of the warning either in person during co-op that day or by telephone during the week after the verbal warning was given. An online notice may also serve as a verbal warning.

  2. Second offense: The second offense is to be documented by an online discipline notice. The online discipline notice is sent to the parent and the LPA Board. The student may be removed from class activities depending on his/her conduct.

  3. Third offense: The third offense requires a second online discipline notice. After the second discipline notice is received, the family will receive a written summary notice from LPA’s President. If necessary, a conference will be held.

  4. Fourth offense or third online discipline notice: The third online discipline notice warrants expulsion of the student for the semester. LPA’s Board reserves the option of expelling the family.

The LPA Board reserves the right to expel any student who receives two discipline notices per semester for three
consecutive semesters.

Exceptions – Grounds for immediate expulsion:

  • Any purposeful acts of vandalism.

  • Any defiant behavior or foul language.

  • Any alcohol or controlled substances.

  • Any bullying behavior

Lunch (12:00-12:45)

  1. Lunch eaten inside the building is confined to the designated lunch rooms only. Students may also eat outside on LPA property if they dispose of their own trash.  Failure to comply may result in being assigned to cleaning duties at LPA.

  2. If possible, drinks should be either light or clear in color and no Monster drinks or high energy drinks are allowed at LPA.

  3. Only students age 16 and older may leave the campus during lunch; parents may check younger students in/out at the Admin desk.  Once a student leaves LPA property, LPAis no longer responsible for the student.

Loitering and Study Hall Policies

  1. Students are allowed to remain on the premises for up to fifteen minutes before class, between classes or after classes.

  2. All students must leave by 3:00 pm.  A $10 fee per child for every 15 minutes late that the child is picked up may be assessed.

  3. Students are expected to be in the study hall room if not attending class. Students may not be outside the building unless they are going directly to their vehicle and leaving LPA property.

  4. In study hall and between classes, students are expected to be respectfully quiet to avoid disrupting classes in session. Students who are continually too loud will lose the privilege of being in study hall or at LPA at all before or after classes.

  5. Students may not watch streamed videos/Youtube and may not work on group projects during study hall.

Visitor Policy

  1. Guests (adults and children) are welcome to visit by appointment.

  2. Visitors must check in at the Admin desk before visiting a class to obtain a visitor pass.

  3. All guest speakers/visiting instructors must have prior Admin approval and consent to a background check.

Tardiness/Attendance Policies

  1. Consistent, on time, attendance is vital for your student to benefit due to the concentrated teaching time for our classes.  Please only register your student for these classes if you are willing to make every effort for them to attend all scheduled classes on time.

  2. We monitor and record tardiness, which will print on the student’s report card, i.e. permanent record.  Out of respect for the rest of the class, students need to be in their assigned classes at all times and tardy notices will be issued five minutes after the class starts.  Students will not be admitted to class 10 minutes or more after the class has started but will instead be sent to Study Hall and a $10 Study hall fee will be charged.

  3. Students may be dismissed from a class due to repeat tardies.

    • tardies = 1 absence.  

    • unexcused absences = dismissal from that class.*

    • Exception:  The family may request a conference with LPA Prep Administration for the student’s records to be reviewed.Students who are tardy to a registered study hall 3 times per semester will be removed from that hour of study hall.

  4. We do not allow students to “audit” our classes.

  5. If you are going to be absent, you must notify the teacher as soon as possible via email or text.  Absences not communicated to teachers will be counted as unexcused and will result in a zero for any assignments in each class for that day.

  6. Joining a continuation class during the spring semester will be allowed on a case-by-case basis. The parent and/or student must be able to demonstrate to the instructor that the student has sufficient skills to be able to step into the class midway through the year and be able to keep up with the rest of the class.

Academics and Grading

  1. All students need to be prepared and bring the requested supplies for every class meeting.

  2. Cheating, including plagiarism, will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the class and perhaps grounds for withdrawal of a student from LPA. The situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but, in order to maintain the integrity of our program we will not allow it to be compromised by cheating.

  3. Students must turn in all homework assignments to the appropriate teacher on time.  If a student does not consistently turn in homework assignments, they may be dismissed from the class.

  4. LPA’s teachers reserve the right to have homework signed by each parent before accepting the homework from a student, especially those who continually turn in sloppy or incomplete work.

  5. It is the parent’s responsibility to help their student keep up with their homework and to ensure that their student receives proper help with any areas of individual difficulty.  With a few exceptions. If a student’s grades are unsatisfactory, LPA will follow the procedure outlined in the Academic Probation & Suspension Policy. 

  6. Communication between LPA Admin, Teachers, parents, and students will be through Facebook, although occasionally communication will be made by telephone or email directly to the parent.

  7. See “LPA Prep Probation & Suspension policy” for additional academic guidelines.

Class Fee Policy

LPA Prep Teachers function as private tutors in a classroom setting.  All tuition payments, for the class duration (year-long or semester), are to be turned into LPA administration at fall orientation (tuition for spring only semester classes is due by the last day of the fall semester). Tuition checks are payable to the Legion Preparatory Academy. Families must pay the teachers for the full month of tuition for each month LPA is in session even if the student only attends one class during the month.  Students may not attend any class where tuition or a fee is past due.

** A non-refundable supply fee per class is due by July 15th to secure a spot in the class. Spring supply fees will be due on the last day of fall semester.

LPA classes for 1st – 12th grade. We meet weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. . LPA  Fall Semester typically starts after Labor Day and finishes before Christmas.. LPA Spring Semester typically starts at the end of January and finishes in April. We offer an Co-Op Homeschool options online only Preschool - 12th grade.

Classes start 9:00am to 3:00pm full time and part time 9:00am to 12 noon.

We offer a variety of core academic classes, exciting enrichment courses and clubs.. Parent will have the option to customize your child learning. (See the Shopping page for more information).

Class registration takes place in April or May for the Fall semester and in November or December for Spring semester.

Prep Registration Fees: LPA Prep’s registration fee is $150 per year, per family, regardless of the number of students in the family or the number of classes taken by each student for the school year. The fee is paid at time of application and  is not refundable.   Your fee is non-refundable once you have taken a spot in our classes, so please carefully consider your decision before applying for a LPA class.

Monthly Tuition Fees: The second cost associated with taking a class at LPA is the  monthly tuition.  (Most classes also require a one-time supply fee paid before the semester/year begins.) Checks are payable to  LPA for 8 months, September through April.  Tuition can be paid in full, by semester, once a month 15th. Monthly payments MUST be set up as auto-draft.

Education plan changes during the school year: We need a 30 day notice of any changes to your student's education plan to transfer their program. Students will remain in their chosen plan from registration until notified in writing and no later than 30 days. We will prorate the remainder tuition on your plan and start the new plan 30 days after the notice. This is nonnegotiable and must be done by all students that changes their plan after registration

Late Fees: Late fees are as follows:The first time tuition is paid late after the 15st of the month, there is a fee of $25 charged. The second time tuition is paid late after the 15st of the month, there is a fee of $50 charged.  Students may not attend any class where a fee is past due.  Families who pay late 3 or more times will no longer be in good-standing with LPA and may not be admitted the following school year. Checks which are returned for insufficient funds will be charged a $30 NSF fee to help cover our  bank’s fees



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